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4RF Aprisa XE Q4EM 4 Port 4 Wire E&M Card

Aprisa XE: maximizing spectrum use and making challenging long distance links possible.

The Q4EM is a quad port analogue interface card providing a 4 wire analogue circuit and single E&M signalling.

The Q4EM digitizes analogue signals using either 64 kbit/s PCM (G.711-compliant) or 32, 24 or 16 kbit/s ADPCM compression (G.726-compliant), providing phone-quality voice transmission. Channel Associated Signalling (A bit) is used to signal between the interfaces.

The Q4EM E&M signalling leads are optically isolated, bi-directional lines which can be externally referenced to meet any of the EIA-464 connection types I, II,IV or V.

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Aprisa XE Point to Point Digital Microwave Links Author: 4RF Date: 14/10/2013 Description: Aprisa XE Interface cards